Fruit Wine

Welcome to Fruit Wine. This website is intended to be a guide to many of the challenging aspects of making fruit wine. It is possible to make wine at home from the natural produce of the countryside throughout the year. Brewing your own fruit wine can be a stimulating and rewarding hobby and is currently enjoyed by many. The beauty of this pastime is that there is always a new crop in season ready to be transformed into an exciting new drink. From Seville oranges in February to raspberries in July, elderflower in May to apples in September. There truly are wines for all seasons.

Take a look through the “What is in Season?” section to get a feel for what you can make throughout the year including recipes on many familiar fruits and vegtables. Also, have a look at the Step by Step Guide for instructions on how to turn fruit into a wonderful homemade wine.

For the authors commentary on making fruit wine have a read at the “Fruit Wine Diary” and for general fruit wine related making problems and conversation try the “Fruit Wine Forum“.

Have a look through some other related pages such as Fruit Infused Spirits. Which gives an excellent guide to make flavoured vodkas, gins and rums. These can be great for Christmas time and are a simple way to use excess fruit left over from the summer.

Hopefully this website can pay homage to the joys of making fruit wine and act as a general reference point for year round fermentation. Please feel free to join up to the newsletter and get updates on what is in season, great new recipes, and where to buy wine making equipment.